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March 09, 2020

rom&nd “See-Through Matte Tint”

Today we will be taking a look at rom&nd’s “See-Through Matte Tint.”

Have you ever wanted to try a red lip look but feel like it’s difficult to pull off such a bold color? Korea’s popular brand “rom&nd” has something that could help you take that one step forward into trying different styles!


rom&nd’s “See-Through Matte Tint” series! At first glance the product may seem very vibrant and not quite what you were expecting. However, with it’s light and fluffy matte texture you can actually control the depth of shades to something more geared towards your liking. Unlike regular lipsticks or lip glosses, this product is a lip tint that leaves a light wash of color on your lips that lasts most of your day and takes away the burden of having to reapply constantly!

If you prefer a natural look, you can apply a small amount of the product and spread a thin even layer to achieve that flushed and healthy lip look. For a more bold and vivid look, you can apply a second layer to achieve a deeper dramatic style.

You are free to try different red lip looks depending on your mood with this lip tint. The matte formula also adheres well to your lips making it simple and easy to use!

There are many different shades within this series, so if you are in the area feel free to use nanohana Ebisubashi’s tester stations on the second floor to help find one that suits your skin tone!

rom&nd “See-Through Matte Tint” (6 shades)
#1 Pink fold: a cute and classic pink
#2 Rip plum: an elegant and chic berry red
#3 Through coral: a sun-kissed and soft orange
#4 Red chain: a vivid and bright red
#5 Brick cover: a graceful brick red
#6 Burn wrap: a red brown suited for autumn sunsets

For sale now at nanohana Ebisubashi ❤

Contents: 3.8 g
Price: 1,320 yen tax included (as of March 9)