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July 31, 2020

MD Cosme “Rezept II Mineral Mask Pack”

Today we will be introducing you to a deep cleansing mud pack from MD Cosme! This pack is used after washing your face to take care of and minimize your pores as well as provide moisture to your skin. You can achieve spa-level results with this mud pack!

The secret to this face pack is “kaolin,” or sea mud, filled with nutritious minerals such as calcium and magnesium, and “bentonite,” a clay that helps with absorbing excess oil. The pack also includes honey and shiitake mushroom extract to give your skin plenty of moisture and help with elasticity.

It’s a great treatment for sunburns and to just help you and your skin relax!

[How to use]
Gently wipe off any excess moisture after washing your face or taking a shower and apply a generous amount while your pores are still open.

[Leave-on time]
Sensitive or dry skin: 5-10 minutes
Normal skin: 10-15 minutes
Oily skin : 15-20 minutes

Wash off when it dries, and all done!

Available in 95 g and 170 g at nanohana Ebisubashi!

Maker: Dr. ISHII Cosmetics, Co., Ltd.
Contents: 95 g & 170 g

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