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June 29, 2020

lavera “Fresh Roll-On”

Everyone has those sweaty summer days leaving you utterly uncomfortable…😭 So today we will show you the perfect organic deodorant for this summer to help relieve those problems!

Introducing the “Fresh Roll-On,” an organic deodorant from lavera made in Germany!

All you have to do is apply the roll portion to your problem areas and spread the product by rolling in circular motions. The organic ingredients will help you to refresh by naturally releasing toxins from your body.

This deodorant contains no aluminum allowing your body to regulate temperature naturally making it safe to use! Organic cosmetics are safe for the environment and safe for people. Why not try organic cosmetics for your daily care today? 🌱

Here are the different types:
Blue (fresh type): Includes organic lemongrass for extra freshness and moisture. It has a fresh and clean scent.

Pink (gentle type): Includes organic rice milk to protect sensitive skin and help reduce excess oil secretion. It is mild and gentle to use even after shaving.

Grey (pearl type): This contains pearl extract to help prevent white stains transferring onto your clothes. You can safely wear any color of your favorite clothes with this roll-on.

Every roll-on is mineral oil, preservatives, artificial color, and fragrance free, so choose one that suits your needs!

It has been getting warmer and warmer every day, so please make sure to take extra care of yourself this summer, and we hope to see you at nanohana Ebisubashi!

About lavera: “lavera” means “truth” in Latin. They are an organic cosmetics brand from Germany who place importance on nature and harmony, and make sure to care for the environment while cultivating organic materials and ingredients for naturally derived organic components that bring great skin care benefits.

Maker: lavera
Contents: 50ml

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