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September 08, 2020

It’s SKIN “Power 10 Formula Mist”

Today we will introduce to you a moisturizing mist from “It’s SKIN” a Korean skin care brand developed with the cooperation of many doctors specializing in skin care. They provide a wide range of products that are not stimulating and easy for people with sensitive skin to use!

We will review 2 popular mists today from their “Power 10 Formula Mist” lineup. It’s perfect for anyone having trouble with rough and dry skin.

Blue (Gf: moisture care)
Helps charge your skin with hydration for a beautiful and fine complexion. Your skin’s texture will become smooth and soft with this moisturizing mist.

Yellow (Vc: vita care)
Brightens up dull and lackluster complexion by providing vitamins and nutrients to your skin. You can achieve that bright and healthy glow with this mist!

[How to use]
Spray evenly at arm’s reach and then lightly tap your skin to make sure the product is fully absorbed.

You can use it as your toner or whenever you feel your skin is dry and needs some extra care!

Maker: It’s SKIN
Contents: 80 ml

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