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July 29, 2020

Dr. Gloderm “Jelly Cleanser”

Today we will be introducing you to Dr. Gloderm’s Jelly Cleanser! “Jelly Cleanser” is a jelly soap with naturally derived beauty ingredients. It weighs approximately 90 g and can last up to 2 months! It’s cute and charming appearance is not all there is to it; it was developed under the supervision of 54 dermatologists determined to help people with trouble skin so you can look forward to many medicinal benefits just from using it!

It has a soft and squishy texture that lathers well to clean any dirt and dead skin. It’s also gentle and can be used by anyone with sensitive skin.

There are 4 different types you can choose from:

Black: purifying (for skin texture and pores)
Works to smooth your skin and improve texture; recommended for people with pore troubles

Pink: nourishing (for elasticity and resiliency)
Works to provide your skin with moisture to increase skin elasticity; recommended for people with dull dehydrated skin

Blue: moisturizing (for moisturizing)
Works to intensively moisturize your skin down to the core for soft and supple skin; recommended for people with dry skin

White: brightening (for toning up)
Includes pearls that have a brightening effect to tone up your skin; recommended for people who want a brighter complexion

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Maker: Dr. Gloderm
Contents: 90g

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