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September 23, 2020

AQUA・AQUA “Organic Cushion Compact”

Today we will be introducing AQUA・AQUA’s Organic Cushion Compact! This compact is an all-organic cushion foundation with amazing coverage. AQUA・AQUA selects the most natural ingredients for a light and comfortable formula which can be easily washed off with soap. There are no silicones, parabens, or additives making it safe to use for trouble skin types.

You can create a pore-free complexion with just one layer. The strawberry extract within the formula help your moisturize and bring a beautiful glow to your skin. It also includes olive oil and jojoba oil for long lasting moisture.

[Recommended for these people!]
– Those who want to achieve a glowing complexion
– Those who want great coverage, but comfortable wear
– Those who want to finish their base makeup with just one product

Available at nanohana Ebisubashi!

Maker: RED Co., Ltd.
Content: 9g

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