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September 25, 2020

ALOBABY “Milk Lotion”

Today we will be taking a look at ALOBABY’s Milk Lotion! It is said that the skin’s barrier is finished developing by 3 years of age and if one continues to have skin troubles during that time frame, then they will be prone to skin troubles during adulthood, so it is important to start moisturizing daily from a young age!

This milk lotion is made up of 100% natural ingredients making it safe for even newborns to use. It is filled with natural moisturizing properties that will absorb well into the skin to moisturize, helping you achieve that soft and supple skin that you won’t be able to resist touching!

☆ 4 moisturizing properties
Jojoba seed oil, shea butter, olive oil, sunflower seed oil

☆ 8 natural ingredients to help trouble skin
Lavender, rosemary, centella asiatica, Japanese knotweed, scutellaria root, licorice root, camellia sinensis, chamomile leaf

☆ Natural scent
Natural oil extracted from carefully selected lavender and roses used

Contents: 150ml

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